December 19, 2005

Tis the Season

What's that magical feeling swirling about me - why, its Christmas Time already!

The best thing about Christmas in Japan is that all the subtle reaches that this celebration is related to the birth of Our Christ and Saviour Jesus are cast off and its all about what it is meant to be --- (giving and) Getting Presents!

So far I've gotten a plastic Christmas tree and a Snow Globe - Thanks Mum. Its wonderful that you spent probably $30 just to ship something I didn't really want and could've bought here for under $5. But that is the True Spirit of Christmas I'm used to -- so it was lovely and did make me feel homesick.

Luckily she is totally computer illiterate so her chances of reading that are night to nill. If not I can imagine she is already sanctifying the charred remains of my room after the purifying flames of... err... purification.
(C.F This site vs me vs me)

As well as rampant commercialism in the Yuletide - Japan also manages to top it with insane over the top productions of Christmas Songs, Thankfully not Carols - mostly just Songs. Just as in America with Little Herpes Saves Santa specials -- Japan seems to just do it with songs. A lot of them appear to be sung by Americans (so maybe America is even more laden with these - but I doubt they get quite the airtime in shopping malls) but you do get quite a few specials by Japanese artists using modified tunes, beats and just the wrong sort of instruments to create diabolical mechanations to aurally assault unwitting Christmas shoppers.

In terms of Christmas Shopping - I still need to by the above mentioned maternal parent who sent said Christmas tree. I think she is going to get a scarf stylised to look like it came from a dead cat. Its nicer than it sounds - I swear...



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