December 19, 2005

Z fails at dating

Some austere and discerning readers may have noticed some slight ripping off lately.
To them I say, your intelligence probably ahs more worthy tings to occupy your time. But by all means read on.

This post has probably been long overdue, but to fail at something you actually need to try it. So the main inspiration that if not for rare events like Halloween it could have been conceivable I had acheived the impossible and was actually now having LESS success with woman now than I was back in Australia. I still think its quite possibly true - given that I now have money and a semi-respectable job (but no car) the main items behind my lack of attempts to succeed, and what I contributed to lack of success when I did. There is of course also still teh age factor which I don't think is going to change for at least a while. At least next month I'll be 21 and now not so suprising to be graduated with a biomedical science degree and working in a foreign country.

But not to be disparaged somewhere in here is a sort of merry story for the Yuletide. I did have the most incredible action packed freak-off day yesterday. Firstly I got an awesome free 2 hours of work to catch up on updating student files due to cancellations. I had two children, who were old enough to know better know better, throw temper tantrums. Possibly scored some vacation next year. Had a lunch date. Went out drinking and met the most awesome Japanese girl in the world. Was whisked away from a bar by a married couple. And then returned again later to hit on much older women (though that seems to be my standard practice lately). Now I have to go and marinate some chicken.

Lunch went fairly well. I managed to hold a weak converstaion with my Japanese, we discussed movies, snowboarding, plans, work and food. I did make the mistake of automatically replying Hello when she greeted me (I was only two minutes out of the office where replying Hello is a major part of my job). I also managed to order a pasta dish with scallops in it. I have now worked out that my revulsion to all things seafood is probably quite logically and sensibly based on a bodily allergy. Luckily it took about 4 hours before I felt really sick and had semi-fading vision. I ate one scallop that was about the size of a macadamia nut. Surprisingly drinking moonshine that night helped cure me - awesome curative powers of alcohol. They should hand it out at schools.


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