December 19, 2005

Data Card Kiss-My-Ass

Japan loves cards. There are card games for everything. Now I know we have Pokemon, Yugioh and even Magic: the Gathering in the rest of the world. As well as a whole host of sports, movies, and other pieces of fandom collectible rarity cards. But Japan does take it to the next level.

First there is of course . A "Card swipe and play Janken" (Rock, Scissors, Paper) game that has every little boy in Japan scrambling to see who can save little pixies. Mushi-King has a girls' counterpart in which Luv and Berry dress up for the ball and then must dance with a prince. A Dinosaur Mushi-King style game has also just been released.

Just about every conceivable anime which remotely involves fighting has a card came of the Pokemon/Magic variety. MAR, Rockman, Naruto etc.

Then there is DataCardAss. Japanese like to shorten things. I hope to freakin' word that the Ass stands for something. Its pretty much MushiKing style again from what I can see but utilizing DragonBallZ characters. There is also a Law of Ueki one and a Naruto one that I haven't seen ever.

And again in just ordinary video games - cards are involved I swear you'd have a golfing simulator that suddenly decides to give you cards as a reward. A non-existent card system collection that is worth jack shit (you do tend to get upgrades as you spend points on cards - but couldn't you just spend points on upgrades?). Not to mention the very interesting idea of a card based Metal Gear game being almost absolutely ridiculous (But I do have to admit it is fun to play - but then again so was Pokemon-Red - I'm easily amused).

With this Japanese fascination for card games, I thought what other popular style of game may not have been turned into a card format. Janken, No. RPG, No. Fighter, No. Platform, No. Stealth Based Strategy First Person Shooter, No. Ah... Dating Sim.
I must confess it was predictible that a game system designed for geeks would include the second most geekiest thing in the world - Card based Dating Sims do exist cementing Dating Sims into being absolute shit. J-list has Love Love Show. Word have mercy on the world.


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