January 15, 2006

American Army - Automatic Antipathy

(In other news: Forced Alliteration Combined with Irony Ruins Blog Writing Attempt)

What is the response of US Col. Kevin Benson to claims that the US Army is institutionally racist, overly beautocratic, and prone to tackling problems aggressively and head on? To call the 14 page article's writer, British Brigadier Nigel Alwyn-Foster - a person with firsthand top level experience with US Iraqi operations and training - "an insufferable British snob".

Way to go.

It's about as reassuring that the US Army insn't institutionally racist as if he had said "just a dumbass nigger". Benson is now backpedaling pretty quickly and says he is in the process of writing a response to Alwyn-Foster's criticisms. Hopefully he will run it by a cooler-headed proof reader before publication.



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