October 10, 2006

What Would Be The Most Awesome MMORPG Ever

So, I have been playing World of Warcraft for about a month and a half now. Dealing with the "noob" and "fucking shit healer" comments I get while playing (and now the "Go play Hello Kitty Island Adventure" taunts) and learning UBER lingo like Gank, HOT, tank and sheep; I've still leveled my lowly priest up to level 35 (ding).

WoW does have lot less repetitive feeling that froob Anarchy Online had after about 3 months of playing. WoW lets you actively participate in a storyline, has raids and a broader history to it.
I think that it could benefit from a few lower level raid quests and snakes; and to that being the end of my complaints, well it must be good. (You see how much I whinge here).

Anyway, today I had the best idea for a MMORPG that would be guaranteed a hit - Pirates vs Ninjas, or Ninjas vs Pirates. I mean OMFG!!!!! It would L33TZOR UR HAX0R FTW. Ninjas would be all ninja-ed up with jutsu, pets and katana; while pirates would have cool gear, pets and cutlasses. Failing that a OnePiece or Naruto based MMORPG could serious p0wn the gamer market.

Anyway, can't blog too long, the servers might be back up soon.

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At Thu. Oct. 19, 09:22:00 am AEST, Anonymous Viks said...

"Go play Hello Kitty Island Adventure"


Now *that* is hilarious!!



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