October 03, 2006

The Internet Has Videos

And most of them are probably porn.

But as my first video shows that's what the internet is for. This video is semi-safe for work, in the sense of no nudity... but be warned you may be stuck with the catchy tune of a singing and dancing Warcraft Troll and his friends for a while. In the words of a friend of mine, "This video is really piss funny".

To slowly turn us away from the porn element, Ghastly from GGC has a video showing he is actually being productive while on a break from being blackmailed into drawing yayoi hentai for B-tards. Oh, the dedication it takes to create a hubjo (much more safe for work).

Enjoy the zany adventures of Japanese speaking Gaijin with video cameras with Yamato Damacy. Find the one where an ALT gets his kids to make a melodramatic high school drama with not-so subtle lesbian undertones ... the things that won't get you fired and ostracised for life in Japan.

I don't know if this is a parody or an ode to the myspace phenomenom. Or what? Maybe it's just someone's college assignment...

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