September 17, 2006

Cool Things from the Interweb

Adding some kitchen sink flavour to your dose of ass kickin'...

  • It ain't no origami, but this Vietnamese message board has an awesome showcase of art that can be created with just paper, scissors and quite a lot of talent. Papercut.
  • Visiting a bustling Metropolis? Superfuture's interactive map series has "over 4200 brutally honest independent reviews of selected shops and assorted establishments" of Tokyo, Sydney, London, and more...
  • Getting back to geeky - check out Smooth Op's selection of "some really cool scanning electron microscope pics" - I like the one of an ant holding a microchip in its jaws.
  • My new homepage is Netvibes - a very useful tool that shows exactly what you can do by putting the interweb together correctly.
I now have a copy of WoW... so that's all you're getting for now.

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