November 08, 2006


Good ol' fashioned fun and fantasy - I really enjoyed The Brothers Grimm. Sure it does weave odd tangles in a relatively simple plot, that is basically a mish mash of any and every faerie tayle, and not just Grimm ones - but it delivers satisfaction and well toned suspension of belief.

I first saw adds for this in Japan on late night countdown shows and thought it looked spectacular. It came out on DVD I think, the week before I left Hitachi. I was bit too busy with cleaning and packing and worrying to watch too many movies.

Brothers Grimm also manages to maintain the sort of moral ambiguity of traditional "happily ever after .... well maybe not" tales. We have a beloved father commiting infantcide to satisfy a n enchanted lover; trees eating people; a rather minced kitten; fraudsters masquerading as heroes; and noone really gets the girl in the end - leaving the resolution rather sexless in all.

It makes for good fantasy. It isn't supposed to make sense, be fair, its meant to be a fun ride - and if you learn a lesson all the better for it. And some very real lessons learned - don't trust vain corpses, sometimes parents can be monsters, shiny armour is still armour even if its not enchanted ...

Now I have to prepare myself not to be reduced to a shivering wreck while watching the Grudge. At least its daytime.

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