November 27, 2006

R.I.P. The Beast (I have a new car)

Well, not new, But newer, I think... anyway, its different, and an improvement.

"The Beast" was the old red Excel Hatchback my sister "gave" to me when she left. Complete with dolphin stickers, faeries, geckos and a butterfly hanging from the rearview mirror. Also her nice "Do I Look Like A People Person" bumper sticker - which along with the other stickers, I couldn't remove. Sigh. Not my problem anymore.

The new car is a 1991 Ford Falcon. It's a manual (wanted), five speed (wanted), and has a CD player (OMG YES, Sea FM gets ever so slightly repetitive). It's only worry is that the wheels might be a little misaligned, gonna have to talk to the guys back at the shop about that this arvo.

The other problem is its messy as all hell. Like disgusting. It must have been a family car, one of those young families with little toddlers who haven't quite worked out what hygeine really means. (I'm a scientist I know). There were like lolly wrappers under teh seat, and mounds of shoe dust - I had to empty our handyvac twice and clean the filters and its still got crud down there.

Luckily Mum is gonna pay for it to get detailed as an early Christmas present, which is will be much more appreciated than standard gifts of cheap clothes and Christian propoganda (which I'm still probably going to get).

This car is mine. By my birthday I should be able really say that (I still owe mum $1000 on it). It's cool having a car that is yours, the Beast wasn't really mine, cos it was still my sister's in my mind, and it had a lot of scars from when she had it. Let's hope I can wait a while before adding my own scars to this baby, aye...

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