November 26, 2006

Work Like A Man: Part Two

The new job at Rydges Capricorn Resort is faring up well. I've been hired by the Banquets department, but have thusfar served one shift and three training sessions there, while spent about a week as a casual at Golf Course Maintenance, helping them catch up on their workload. So far we have been weeding bunkers, and next week we should start on exciting work of edging pathways. And then I should be getting more hours in my department.. What I'm really keen on is moving into their Japanese restaurant つるや Tsuruya. Now, that would be pretty cool.

I'd forgotten how full on a floor job in hospitality can be, and it turns out that 8 hours in the sun, with a 6:00am start (I normally rouse sometime after 10 - and that's an early day) is slightly less stressful, even though it is probably a bit more labour intensive (something my weedy geek body isn't exactly used to either). Working on the golf course has been cool, you get to drive buggies (though the maintenance ones tend to ahve been trashed a bit compared to teh guest ones) and its out in the sunshine. Sunlight does allegedly help produce endorphins, and it definitely has been getting me a bit less depressive.

Not being a golfer (or much of a sportsman) - I never really noticed how big the course is they have out there. It's 36 holes (which is two complete 18 hole courses) and covers quite a lot of ground complete with several billabongs and a creek providing water hazards. So far in terms of wildlife I've seen kangaroos, curlews, cockatoos, a few goannas, and a lone juvenile brolga the other day. Here's some piccies taken on my breaks.

Having someplace nice to work at is good too.

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