February 11, 2007

South Africa Goes Medievil on Rapists

I'm gonna stay neutral on the idea of Rapex. It's essetially a device that brings male fears of to life.

The device, concealed inside a woman's body, hooks onto a rapist during penetration and must be surgically removed.

Ms Ehlers said the rape trap would be so painful for a rapist that it would disable him immediately, enabling his victim to escape; but would cause no long-term physical damage and could not injure the woman.

Some women's activists call the device regressive, putting the onus on women to address a male problem.

Charlene Smith, an anti-rape campaigner, said it "goes back to the concept of chastity belts" and would incite injured rapists to kill their victims.

It's hard to do any trials as to the effectiveness of the device without unleashing it on the public. I remember in high school reading that South Africa has vehicle theft prevention devices more akin to flame-thrower than any sort of klaxon alarm. Does this sort of disuassive interception work against crime?
Will people going to hospital to remove the device be arrested and charged?
If so, won't they try and remove it at home? Could that cause permanent damage?
Could this be used as a revenge device, with women inducing hated men to have sex with them while wearing the device?


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