February 09, 2007

Cuteness ill-defined

video via Feministing, but something I thoght deserved a mention for a while.

Ugly Betty Award speech:


It's giving a distorted notion to the term. Ugly Betty is cute, has braces, isn't waifer thin, and has horrendous tacky fashion sense - yet she still has an air of attractiveness and charm about her, and frankly is a teensy bit hot (the actress is smoking hot) - this makes her CUTE! not ugly!

I think that we think that this quite attractive woman is "ugly" shows how shallow society (in particular the popular media reflection of society) has become. I mean, Shallow Hal had a truly ugly love interest (although it was hotstuff Gwynneth padded up) - Ugly Betty doesn't even come close in terms of revulsion.

For all the low self esteem slightly tacky girls who needed this show to feel special, fucking grow up. For all the people who gave those slightly tacky girls low self esteem, grow up and fucking kick yourself in balls.


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