January 31, 2007

Think of the Children!

A NY teacher was barred from school for a contraversial sex ed lesson. He made children aged 12 draw male genitalia (that's a dick and balls) on the blackboard.

I'm a bit saddened by this. Was he in trouble for teaching sex ed to kids to young? Or for encourage pornographic graffiti? Or a combination of both?

I raised the question with someone I chat too, my arguments consisted of that half the students had penises themselves, and I'm betting in a NY junior high, a lot have probably had their own go at drawing penises... then she said I was creeping her out. So we switched the topic to corsets and spanking (or was that before...) Her arguments were the kids were too young (they'd still be in elementary school here), and that they shouldn't be made to draw such things in a public arena (such as the classroom).

I feel Teachers really shouldn't have to worry about anything in their classroom, as long as it's legal, safe and teaching kids whats on the curriculum. If that means getting kids to scrawl dick and balls on the blackboard, more power to them.

Why isn't no nonsense education taken more seriously:

(Compare with wackjob attempt)



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