January 29, 2007

What does China google?

Foreign Policy Passport, has a nice list of the top questions that China is googling. They ask usto remember "who is online in China—the elites." But then again we also have to remember, who enters a question into a search engine - computer illiterate r-tards.

Case in point, a selection - with answers:
  • Why are we alive? - it's better than the alternative, I think...
  • Why do we need to drink water? - see above
  • How to build a harmonious society? - you release that Shanghai is keeping tabs on you don't you
  • Should I see an Internet friend in person - should you trust the internet to answer this?
  • Should I continue living? -
  • Should I join the Party? -
  • Should I have a child? - it worries me that people are consulting google for the answers to important life decisions
Anyone who has access to search engine stats is usually appalled by the total ignoramity displayed by your average net user. You don't search "Where can I see big boobs?" you search "big boobs" (maybe a poor example, I'm sure both will get you porn). I blame wondrous sites like Ask Jeeves for perpetuating the idea that search engines work on question answer systems. Especially when its personal questions: What's My Name?, Should I eat veal?, Who is phoning me up late at night?

Do I see the makings of a revolution in the questions. Not really, I see problems in Chinese computer literacy.

Anyway take a look at the stats for the past two years. I think this blog had another birthday. It's done monthly. We've worked up to an average of over 340 unique hits a month.


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