January 28, 2007

Blogosphere: Open Your Eyes

You have noticed I've already posted a few mp3s borrowed from Peter Watts' Aussie Music Blog: Open Your Eyes.

You can't really say no to honest reviews of good music and free mp3s, can you?

Certainly not to free mp3s. IODA, the Independent Online Distribution Alliance, has kindly offered this humble blogger access to their promotional mp3 database for use. All because they found me posting about wanting to see Macromantics at the Big Day Out (in Japanese no less). I'm finding their site's search function a bit hard to navigate, in terms of just random browsing. But I guess it means that the next time I hear something mega-cool on JJJ I can just download it and share it with even less hassle than before.

Anyway, here's some MC Macro, so don't say I never gave you nothing.

Moments In Movement

Download "Scorch" (mp3)
from "Moments In Movement"
by Macromantics
Kill Rock Stars


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