January 23, 2007

games playing a joke on gamers who play game with jokes...

While WoW took me 3 months to sort of, kinda, well, maybe, get over it (EXPANSION!!!), The Kingdom of Loathing managed to hold my attention for a whole week and a half.

Funny and piss-taking, I like a sarcastic look on the roleplay world, but really, it doesn't have the graphics of WoW (which still has some humour and piss-taking) and still leaves me asking "what's the point?" "what skills am i supposed to be learning?" (I mean real life skills, not leatherworking 300).

By the end, you are either the same as someone else, having taken pretty much the same path, and only a few choices and random drops really playing any difference in your skill difference. Of course, PvP elements and getting an organised group down pat does require some tactical play, it's still all a bit droll and hack and slash in the end.

Played a Wii while down in Bris-vegas. This system is so absolutely innovative, I can't wait to see where this interactive (ACTIVE) game system will end up in about 2-5 years. I still suck at sports, even when simulated.

Also in a Brisbane Hobby Store a neato board/tile game caught my eye, ZOMBIES! If only I new anyone who would even lame it up to play a complex board game.


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