January 18, 2007

Progress Submission Guidelines: Don't Get Ahead of Yourself

Don't Make The Demo Look Done

This is good advice, and it doesn't just apply to programmers and marketing departments. If you are involved in any project, you really want to make sure that your apparent work and actual work match. You don't want unrealistic expectation thrust upon you, and just as much, you don't want to be seen as lazy or doing a poor job, especially if its unwarranted.

Kathy at Creating Passionate Users (CPU ... lol) makes some good points, has illustrations and figures, and some nifty links. And the article is being ripped off by computing and design blogs everywhere. This isn't a computing or design blog, but I think the advice is pretty important.

Don't lie. Look only as good as you are. A lot of people try to make their Demo look extremely good, and in turn, reception to demos has steadily grown to have really high expectations. A lot of demos are being released as more "trial" versions of programs, which is neat, but means that scope for improvement is radically reduced.


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