January 06, 2007

Hating January

I don't believe it... January is treating me nicely this year!


Here's a quick run down on 2007 thus far:

First and foremost I have Big Day Out Gold Coast tickets thanks to the ballot and Makdog's girlfriend (Happy Birthday!). Credit card payment has gone through, flights (very very early in the morning cheap ones) have been booked, and accomodation is moderately sorted. Oh, and both works know, so no fuckups there either.

I've been working in a restaraunt at Rydges. Okay, it is only temporary (oddly, I'm talking about the restaraunt itself), but it's been good. And I think I have my actual service (as opposed to quickfire service in catering) skills up to par (as in mega awesome) now.

Honours stuff is actually moving. Phoning up my supervisor later today to organise some more stuff, and work out the possibility of nabbing a scholarship or stipend.

Girls are actually talking to me at clubs and parties, and it's not just to tell me to get lost. Though, the lesbian community in the 'Poon seems to have ballooned over the last couple of years. Not that there is anything wrong with that. In fact its cool, and I'm trying to be open minded and liberal with that, not creepy. honest...

We now have a third flatmate. She's pretty nice. This means rent is affordable and it won't be three guys living together being gross.

And I have a birthday coming up. The day before our Big Day Out adventure (Thursday = Birthday; Friday= fly down; Sunday= BDO). And with a house of my own (actually due to events, two houses) I can definitely have an event (provided work doesn't interfere).

Here's hoping to a free Saturday and continued good fortune.


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