December 29, 2006

Remind me again, Why was it a good idea to let India experiment with nuclear materials...

Don't get me wrong, I'm an avid supporter of nuclear power as a one true green source of non-renewable power (well, if you think of it physophilosophically, it is technically renewable as all matter is ultimately recycled into new matter...).

Anyway, while telling Iran that in no way possible will the United States, or the United Nations, allow it to possess any nuclear technologies, whether for defence or energy; despite the current xeno/islamophobic Israeli government letting slip that hey maybe we have had them all the long; the United States has entered a cool agreement with the Republic of India allowing the sale and export of nuclear reactors and associated materials from the States.

India contains the world's second largest national population of Muslims, and is very close to rather iffy places like Nepal, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (with whom they had a nuclear escalation mini-cold war with not to far back) to name a few. I'm not saying these things an entirely evil fascist tone, but it means that tactically these obviously had to weigh in on the decision to pass this bill. India is also a massive country, in both size and population, which generally means it's a teensy bit chaotic so it's no real surprise that not too long after allowing nuclear imports, this happens: Uranium missing from fortified research facility. Ooopsies... and we don't have any idea as to who.... Urk!

Now, I'm not saying that India should be denied nuclear power. I'm saying there is really no good reason Iran shouldn't. Iran I think has bit more law and order; some might even suggest it has a bit too much law and order, if you know what I mean. So if anybody is going to be fucking around and upgrading this uranium into military capabilities, it's going to be exactly who we think it is - the government. And it's no big secret that everyone is watching those crazy guys very, very closely. Aren't they?


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