December 23, 2006

PhotoArt: Japanese Collage

This is a nice little collage masterpiece using assorted pictures from my time in Japan. Yes, there was a statue of liberty (1/3 scale replica) in Tokyo.

There's two pictures of me, and all sorts of other goodies such as lesbian statues, noodles, a dancing drag queen doing Madonna (not that way), raw liver, and a cute bunny drawing.

This is the second version of this collage. The original was very similar, but just as I was collating the individual layers (34 in the original, I think this one has only 20 something), my Mac crashed for the first time and I lost it all because I didn't save. Bugger.

In the second I added a few more pure art effects, like the burners on astro boy, and whatever is coming out of Domo-kun's mouth.

The "Omnivorous" quote was on a hat I saw while shopping one day. Not classic enough to buy, but classic enough for a photo.

I'm also a bit disappointed that lack of a scanner (working on that) meant I couldn't use any of my real photos on this effort. Well, maybe another time.


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