December 20, 2006

Ebay screws Big Day Out Fans on a technicality

Big Day Out was trying very hard this year to prevent the horrible practice of ticket scalping. They released tickets in batches, held some in reserve for the ballot, restricted tickets per person, and had there conditions of sale clearly state that any ticket that is deemed to have been resold for more than sale price will be declared null and void.

This severely upset auction website E-bay so much that they took BDO organisers to court (ABC/Dig radio). Ebay's Daniel Filer said their claim was the terms were worded to "be misleading and deceptive. Because BDO cannot guarantee to discover and cancel every ticket that is sold over the original sale price, they should change the terms back to "may be cancelled". It's total BS. They have also been calling for cessation of sales (by BDO, no cessation of E-bay auctions) until the mess is sorted out.

Their entire suit has been launched on the basis of fair trading and allowing consumers to be correctly informed, but the end result is duplicitious and deceptive. The new conditions allow scalpers protection of a possibility clause. Any ticket that is discovered to be over-sold will still be cancelled, no debate, however the new wording doesn't portray the certainty of this cancellation.

How convincing would a store sign that said, "If you steal from here, you may be charged with a crime". Ooooh. Scary. I can see that discouraging shoplifters.

Moral of the story: Ebay are rude motherfuckers.

Big Day Out's Press Release. Ditto and They don't give a shit. (No, you're the fuckhead).

(ooh, a friend won the ballot and may be getting me their spare... w00t)


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