December 18, 2006


I really like having a radio in my car now. I have bad luck with portable stereo systems at home. It usually takes less than a week before I manage to snap the antenna off - which not surprisingly reduces the effectiveness of reception dramatically - and usually results in an inability to receive Triple J.

Triple J is a national government-sponsored youth radio network that is key in raising profiles of independent artists in Australia. The Js also sponsors a lot of the major festivals. There is also Unearthed. Plus a current bonus is Rock Enrol - free Big Day Out tickets to socially responsible members of the national electorate.

Summer programming is headed our way, but I'm not too fussed. There'll also be the latest Hottest 100 countdown on Australia Day 2007.

Some good tunes I've picked up:

Also cracking me up was Dr Octagon's Trees, with the excellent line "Trees may be extinct like the elephants". No words have been uttered so truly, does Wikiality know this yet. We'll end with its video:



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