December 12, 2006


Graaagh.. Komfl... Braugh... Brr... Braaaiins...




This is a cool video. There are some pathetic homemade versions on YouTube as well. This AMV isn't half bad though. (At this point the repeated listening to this song is annoying me... but its still catchy) I so want to watch/read/absorb Hellsing now.

Jonathan Coulton
has some really good talent. His site has this song and many other's available at low cost (and some even free) and liscences under Creative Commons Liscence, I think. Here's a vid of him performing Re:Your Brains live and another song Codemonkey (look at the related links for more songs from that session).

And what could finish your zombie day better, A ZOMBIE MMORPG - Urban Dead. It's browser based... and it seems to take a while to get used to. But it's a good idea. It's related to the zombie simulator (which I'm sure I've linked to before).

I had a cool Idea for a zombie MMORPG - it didn't even have to be a MMORPG, more of an RPG/Survivalist multiplayer game. It would have less D&D style, and more FPS/action/roleplay. Small groups would exist in an instance, be given small backgrounds and secret goals. For example there might be a lab technician, who is actually responsible for the zombie outbreak, and must make sure nobody discovers it (or anybody who does, dies). Or you are a little girl and need to make sure your little dog survives. Instances would be timed, to reduce catassing, (but perhaps there could be a random element such as sudden death triggers, bonus time, or random +5/-5 minutes to keep players on their toes), and points would be awarded for survival, goal acheivement, damage, and helping others (or not, depending on your character profile). It would be cool and deceptive, and a chilling simulation. People would have to work out how to work together, trust one another, and then work out how to backstab each other so that they win the game. While you wouldn't be able to carry over a character, you'd get ranking and stuff online to see how you rated as a survivalist. You'd also be able to keep playing as a zombie to do your best to keep your oppponents scores down. Zombies don't have to many goals. A neat twist would be able to have malleable zombie rules, because it's not realistic to know what sort of zombies you are dealing with. Because the important thing about a zombie sim, is realism.


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