December 08, 2006

John Butler Trio (and the Custom Kings) at The Great Western

W00t. More live music.

John Butler is not crowd surfing music, though. I think I did see one person fail attempt but. Haha.

So, on Tuesday night a not unlikely trio headed up to The Great Western Hotel in Rock-vegas (though not quite where I thought it was - yes, that means we got lost, but only for about five minutes) to catch JBT, who had brought along Melbourne band Custom Kings along for the Funky Tonight tour.
Why Tuesday? Maybe 'cos Rocky is shit and on not even good enough to be on the end-of-week rotation of national tours. Or maybe it might just take way too long to bother about days of the week when touring a nation this size.

It was a fun night. I apparently totally ignored my brother (Happy Birthday for yesterday). I ran into an old uni buddy (finally out of jail, good-oh). And got a signed CD - Custom Kings' and it didn't have Number One, the song I was after, it was on the other CD, I went quantity over quality.

Aside from being puzzled by John Butler's slightly American accent (catch him busk-fighting The Doctor on JTV's vodcast), the trio put on a really good show. An unexpected (?) power outage left us with an extended acoustic solo from the guitar man.

Custom Kings also brought some good combination of folk, roots, old school and urban rock to the fore. Their new anthem Number 1 (which I already mentioned I missed on my CD purchase) is really cool. It's been getting some good airplay on JJJ.

Final note, despite a cool advertising campaign (video) - (ooh it's been getting them in trouble too), Toohey's New is not so good. Though it may just be my aversion to drinking out of aluminium cans.


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