December 04, 2006

Host Family Screening Misses Fundie Whackjobs

"My Half-year Hell with Christian Fundamentalists" tells the story of extremely unlucky 19 year-old Polish Exchange Student Michael Gromek who was stuck with a fundamentalist baptist family in North Carolina couple who only hosted the student with the vain expectation he would help them set up a church back in his homeland.

While waiting to be transferred to a new family, Gromek had to deal with abuse that he and his mother (a divorcee) were possessed by the devil, coffee bans and constant rows after he told them he wanted to get new host parents.

Student exchanges are meant to enriching cultural experiences that educate and accentuate peoples life. I have a number of friends who have participated in student exchanges to Italy, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and Bolivia. Almost all had very positive experiences (my sister's friend caught some bad tropical zoonosis in Bolivia, that was sucky). Screening is important to families, and while Christians are supposed to be good upstanding citizens - the strength
and ferocity of their faith should be taken into consideration - particularly considering they are welcoming someone in from another culture.

If the son of a divorcee was possessed by the devil, just what might these parents have done had they been sent a Vaudan from Haiti.


At Mon. Dec. 11, 01:54:00 am AEST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
first of all, thanks you for all of the comments, I am knowing that the first familly did not represent the states. But I my own opinion the decion to publish the story was one of the best way to warn everybody who will go to the states after me.
However, honestly I would be glad to be able to like go the the states, and start over with my experience, so I case that one of you whould help me to find a good university and host me as a host familly. I will be the first who will pack my close and go to the states for the second times.
So, in case that your would like to have a exchanche student in your house.
Just let me know

The life is full of destinies... we just have to find the right one - roosvelt :-)


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