December 02, 2006

I Found Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Yes folks, it's a real game; entitled Hello Kitty Online World. Sanrio appears loathe to not cash in on any capitalist venture to exploit the kiddies.

What's hilarious is how close to WoW it sounds:
Hello Kitty World players will also be able to raise pets and teach them special tricks and skills. Players will be able to cooperate and interact with other players to overcome a joint quest or challenge other friends to a friendly duel.
It also combines the feature of some other MMORPGs of building and decorating a house.
You can even have a successful career, open different shops, earn and spend Sanrio Dollars in your bank, buy a house, and trade with other players around the vast game world.
Sounds like loadsa fun... oh wait... it's Hello Kitty...


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