December 02, 2006

At least its not a unicorn

In my earlier days of uber-geekiness I was suckered into . A pretty good creature enchant was Feast of the Unicorn. Now, whenever I see a severed head feast, it reminds of that card. I'm sure little girls will cry at the sight of this image.

I don't know exactly how you'd go about eating a crocodile's head though (via Spluch at a Zhejiang gourmet competition). The teeth are a bit dangerous, plus its all scaly. Crocodile meat isn't that bad though. Locally there is the the Lever's Koorana Crocodile Farm, which was always a highlight school excursion. It really is just like chicken, the meat is a bit paler and possibly a little firmer. I think it might have a lower risk of salmonella too.


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