December 14, 2006


Gee thanks PZ. (I tried to resist going all girly with a ZOMG, but I think I just stuffed that...) It's cool to have your site meter go up 400% over the weekend. But it happened just before I completed my awesome new layout.

Look this a way =========>>>>

The sidebar is now uber-cool.

Stuff has been reorganised. Links are categorised, with some dead ones gone. Some new comics have been added. Check out goats; it took me about two weeks to go through the complete archives, but its worth it to see how mundane it started out compared to its current level of zany (if you can call two perpetually slackers living with a playboy
demigod goat and a satanic chicken "mundane"). Comics are now further listed so you know which ones actually have action.

Archives are now more readily accessible, with a drop down menu. I've hijacked Technorati to bring you categories. Only the popular ones, and a random 5 that I'll try and change every two months.

I also had to customise some buttons up for comics that either didn't have any I could find (I eventually found diesel sweeties') or ones that just weren't the right size. Check them out.
McNinja. GirlRobot. PhD. Goats. and I guess SexyLosers too.

New links are available, check out Triple J (especially if you aren't Oz, it's Australia's NAtional youth Radio Station) - they are being really nice and handing out some Indie music mp3s for free (Recomend Jamie T). They also have Big Day Out tickets with the awesome Rock Enroll initiative. I also found old school realm war browser game Legends. And Acrix is still taking awesome photos, even though he's in the UK.

Now it's getting really late, and I'm going be dreaming of repetitive HTML tags tonight. And I have a busy day tomorrow with a trip into town, and then moving out of home. (YES!!)

Help a poor blighter out, thank him and buy something from J-List, they owe me a whole $2.50 so far.


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