December 19, 2006

Christmas Time

Lets hock some shopping.

I bought myself a big bag of goodies from Diesel sweeties, maybe if I'm lucky they'll reach here before Christmas. If not I have to find a new present for my brother.
The T-shirts are printed by these blokes, Burnetto T-shirts, who also have cool stuff from Goats (next bag of goodies). I couldn't find a way to sign up with Burnetto. I'd really like an Australian based custom screen printing company anyway. I don't like white T-shirts, and that's the majority of what Cafe-press does (and stamps it's logo on it everywhere).

Anyway, you can help me out now that I'm independent and trying to eke out an existence in this big bad world, by buying things from J-list through me. I'm going to avoid anything porno for this (I'm sure you can find that all by yourself). Here's some cool things I found with some quick searching.

It's pretty hard to search J-list without getting porn. So if it's totally not your bag, and you don't want to see what sort of porn comes up when you search for "chicken drumsticks", select J-Box when prompted at the start.

Merry Christmas Shopping.


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