December 26, 2006

Bah Humbug

Christmas wasn't too bad. My influenza appears to be of the 24 hour variety. However, it did mean feeling progressively worse and feverish after finishing work, not being able to enjoy turkey (I didn't even get to touch ham...) and avoiding the only double-pay day the pizza shop has offered me.

I was totally sick. At first I thought my heavy drinking over Friday and Saturday had caught up with me (odd it being Monday and all). But I managed my six hour shift of working without too much pain, just a growing headache. As we signed off and I dropped one of the younger lads off, it just got progressively worse. I almost collapsed and took a nap after arriving at my house before heading back to Mum's. Every step was starting to cause too many vibrations through my head and producing that awful pain. It reminded me of my bout of flu last year in Japan - I was trying to work out how long I'd have to wait for a doctor to see me. Once back at Mum7s I lounged and was a little bellligerent, lacking too much enthusiasm for any Christmas cheer. I also realised that my blankets and pillows were all the way back at my new place, and I was in too far of a weak state to enjoy driving.

Yeah, being sick on Christmas sucks...

Present wise I picked up fairly well. No religious propoganda (I am totally gobsmacked seeing as religious propoganda is now my parent's job), something useful (car cleaning products) and something fun (full season's of Coupling on DVD).

I think I also satisfied my familial units with their respective gifts too.

Now I'm going back to my remedial rest and TV.


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