January 29, 2007

What's a Burqini?

I'm not sure that you can really call it a cross between a burqa and a bikini, except I guess linguistically (that's called a ). I suppose, it is a two piece as well, but it's a bit like calling a motorcycle a cross between a bicycle and a semi-trailer.

The idea of the burqini is that it fulfills the role of a burqa, in lycra. This is not for Muslim fetishists, but so that Muslim women can enjoy a day at the pool or beach and not feel like a pound of fetid meat in front of a pack of slavering dogs. Hooray!

In Australia moves are being made to produce Surf Lifesaving burqinis to encourage young female Aussie conservative Muslims to join the organisation. Surf Lifesaving organisations, particularly in multi-ethnic urban areas, or in tourist hotspots have been on a drive recently to recruit speakers of languages other than English after a recent look at their operations finding that lack of translation is starting to be a problem.

Burqinis also have another bonus, just like fullbody rashies, the burqini offers optimum protection from UV rays.



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