January 31, 2007

How not to set up an interview

RE: John Kasich. via Pharyngula.
Call someone up, with the idea of making them look stupid, and make a complete ass of yourself.

Good on Brian Flemming for staying calm and collected during that interview. I think Dawkins could take hints from him.

On a personal note, I don't support the blasphemy challenge. I don't have a problem with tearing pages out of the Bible or highlighting text in them (my Mum, as a chaplain, underlines things in hers, is that sacriligious?). I don't have a problem with educating small children that there are options to religion. I don't have a problem with denying the existence of God/Holy Spirit. I do have a problem with predatory behaviour on troubled kids.

He's offering free DVDs... it's an incentive, it's predatory. Flat. These kids are confused. And as Flemming himself says, (according to certain veins of Christianity), you can't take back this form of blasphemy. What happens if this child re-discovers his faith but can't reconcile his previous blasphemy? It's asking for Judas Iscariot scenarios, and who knows where that can lead... I'm happy with damning my soul on the off chance (a soul damning) God does actually exist, but it's not over a free DVD, and I think encouraging this sort of flippant damning is really irresponsible.


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