March 13, 2007

The Modern Buddhist

One thing I noticed at a lot of temples I visited in Japan was that quite a lot were undergoing "Renewal" (rennovations). This one actually had a whole new annex-like building attached. It was part museum, part auditorium. As you can see from the picture, it's very contemporary.

The sloping cone in the centre is where the auditorium was, I think they were holding some damn-fangled chakra power rubbish speech in there the next week. Back near the entrance to the new building was some paintings, and I think some original texts (or at least original Japanese translations) of Buddhist parables and accounts of Buddha's journeys, as well as some prominent Buddhist adherent tales. I think I read through a lot of them. You can find a lot of the nice sensibilities of Christian gospels in there, along with some of their own. I do think a lot more positive would ccome out of this religious business if they stopped arguing over who was right, and started looking at what bits are right so they can stitch them alltogether.

I totally forget what temple this was. So, sorry. It was just up the road from the Kyoto station. It was either the Eastern or Western half of one of the major central temples.


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