April 02, 2007

Exciting Day: Tsunami, Bioanalysis and a Free Lunch

I think the title sums it up really.

There was an overblown Tsunami warning for the entire east coast today. Thankfully Keppel Bay is sheltered by an island chain and reef so I wasn't really worried. But the university did have a staff system wide alert of some kind I heard.

Anyway, unphased by impending watery doom, I had my first genuine wet lab session in what must be over two years, and everything went Ace! Well, we were just doing a routine test/familiarise with a bioanalyser. But we got awesome results in analysing some HeLa cells for RNA content and purity. The biggest dramas was misplacing a "ladder" reagent and standard printer woes. Man, biomedical research has ways of making you feel old and outdated quickly, toys like the Agilent 2100 were science fiction back in my day (okay, they were the fancy expensive toys we wished our university could afford and waste on undergrads).

And to top it all off there was a free lunch to welcome the new professor. I was faculty enough to get in the door, but not faculty enough to have to talk long. Ah, this is what post-grad studies are all about...


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