April 26, 2006

Full Circle: Moving Blues Revenge

So I'm back where I was about a year ago.

Feeling crap with life in general. Crazy shit complicating everything. My future uncertain, except in its uncertainity due its certainity dissolving (indeed).

The world still operates in viscious cycles. Damn you, damn you all to hell.

However at least I do have money, which certainly helps out. Barring HECS I should be leaving this mess completely debt free, and still on foreign soil - so HECS can still be ignored for more time.

Reflecting on my time in Japan - it was a good thing over all. Certain goals were met - and certainly grew as (or might say 'into some semblance of') a human being. I now have both job experience, and relationship experience - though I think the latter casn still be somewhat disputed due to lack of depth - but I've still certainly gained much.

I can't believe how much junk I've accumulated, or mistakenly brought over in the first place. And I still can't bring myself to let go of any of it.

Also purchasing tickets is being a pain in the ass. It's an extra 100$ to go from return to one way (yes Return is CHEAPER) plus, they won't sell open returns, and its only for a month, a year return is practically double price (better to get one way then).

Let's hope I can get it sorted soon.


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