June 15, 2006

I Don't Believe in Summer Anymore

It was 8 degrees overnight, with a daytime high of 13 in Ottawa. It was also June 11th, a bit more than a week from the Summer Solstice. My Dad joked it might snow. My sister and I were almost inclined to believe it.

My aunt and cousins have said last week was a good day for a swim. We certainly don't believe that.

It is warming up. But I still have to wear socks about the house, and the furnace occasionally clicks on because its thermostat says its too cold in the house. I really want to go home to remember what a hot sun feels like.

I'm really sorry to all the family here in Canada. But I miss home, and I want to sort all my shit out. It's all sorts of confusion here with trying to apply for citizenship (which I thought I already had), study, work, health insurance, social security etc. that I just don't want to have to deal with because I don't have the time. My sister is a little more prepared to do it, so she's going to try and eke out until at least Christmas.

I do get to see most of the Family here in Ontario. I'm planning on going to Montreal and Niagara next week. And now that we are coming to the realisation that the return ticket to Japan is a no go, and I should just ditch it as money saved, I might get to go to a Wedding on the 4th of July near Detroit. And i definitely get Canada Day on July 2nd. So sorry Japan, you don't get my beautiful being for a while - and K, you bastard, you owe me for my bike.


At Mon. Jun. 19, 12:41:00 pm AEST, Blogger Hil said...

you're in Canada? when did that happen?!

I'm so out of it.

I got a new blog (my last one was invaded by scary people I know...)

the new one is:

oh, and michael? It's fucking cold here too. Don't worry, you haven't missed summer.


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