May 06, 2006

Quick Bits (More To Follow)

So with my new spanky iMac I can give more updates by hijacking an unsuspecting neighbour's wireless connection.

But I am still pretty busy, and connections are fleeting. Luckily with a home computer I can also type up things outside of connected times and then post them.

First before I post up my backlog a quick bit of news.

I finish with Amity on May 27. I'll leave Hitachi on the 28th. And By June 2nd I should be out of the country, on my way to Canada to visit my Grandma, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and also my Dad. The Canadian has given me the greenlight to work despite lack of any residency - kickass.

Also check out this awesome book by Robert Whiting - Tokyo Underworld: the fast times and hard life of an American gangster in Japan. An excellent look at the growth of corruption, politics - both in legitimate and illegitimate business in post War Japan to today. With great source of facts, and very interesting highlight character to make you really intrigued by it all.


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