July 12, 2006

Quality H20

There's so much water lying about here in in Canada. It's not just a big country, it's a big wet country. There's lakes, rivers, waterfalls, creeks, marsh, streams, glaciers, bayous, and ice. And its fresh water too, so everything is really green. It's amazing and spectacular. It rains too. Wow. It seems a bit more surprising from my sister who came straight from Rockhampton to here. I was surprised at how green Japan was versus home, but it's a tiny island, so the water is concentrated. Canada is huge.
My sister's comments also worry me that home has gone an even more yellow tinge of brown than it used to be, thanks to continuous drought. At least there's an ocean (please, let that still be there).

However, with all this (moderately) clean fresh water - nobody seems to trust tap water here. Everyone's on spring water and cranberry juice (and beer, or if you're French, wine). I saw a hideously phrased advertisement for a spring water. It made the (true) connection that tap water and toilet water (i.e. the water going into your toilet, not that comes out) are the same. This just shows how ridiculously wasteful a lot of the world is with it's drinkable sources of water - using it in non-drinking situations. If your toilet is clean, or if you intercepted the water before it reached the contaminated bowls of your toilet - you could drink it no problems. It's not that tap water is the same as toilet water, its that toilet water is exactly the same as tap water. Sheeesh.

There's another problem with all this too - spring water is shite. A lot of it is from the same or similar sources to tap water anyway. A lot of the Canadian and North American brands seem to taste too much of Chlorine - at least its clean, I guess. There's also the problem of PET bottle accumulation that mass bottled spring water consumption entails. I drank predominately spring water in Japan. Mostly because of worries about water storage in Japan (Thank you Dark Water). I had mounds of bottles amassed for recycling each month that made it almost ridiculous to lug it to the street corner. I've got an idea - why don't they use some sort of pipe system to pump clean drinkable water to everyone's home, and have some sort of controlled faucet dispensing system to gain access to it ... oh ... right ... mmm ... why don't they do it with beer?


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