July 03, 2006

Sorry Ontario, I'm Allergic

I think I'm allergic to Ontario. I'm actually really hoping its true. Otherwise I could've come down with what Claire had, or worse Tuberculosis or West Nile Virus or some weird American beastie. It is really bad mucousy hacking and sniffles - and because I'm totally uninsured for this leg of the journey, there isn't much I can do with expensive health on both sides of the border for the uncovered.

It is just after spring, and there are quite a lot of flowers, and floating seeds about, so hayfever does sort of make sense. I avoided the worst of hayfever in Japan. I think I did end up with eye irritation and sniffles for a week - compared to 2-3 months of total bodily shutdown I get back home, that counts as nothing. My asthma makes me a bit more susceptible to most to pollen and other airborne stuff.

It got its worse as we headed south west into more country open air. We were touring places where Dad and his mum and dad grew up - around the Chatham and Thamesville area - which contains quite a lot of crop-based farmland (compared to cattle farms back home in Rocky). So I'm hoping it clears up when we get back to Ottawa (with its second worse air in Canada), if not, "FUCK".


At Sun. Jul. 09, 12:54:00 am AEST, Blogger Lady L said...

Yes.. Ontario has a major tendency to cause allergies.. I live in the country side of Ontario.. and *sniff* I know what you mean!


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