July 03, 2006

Train Lesbians

[...It's an order]

One more memory from Japan.

And an ode to a male immaturity taht probably never dies...

Japan isn't a historically Christian country. So it doesn't have quite the culturally ingrained vehemence for certain things - like gambling, idolatory, adultery and homosexuality among other things.

I was on the train to Mito and across from me were 3 of your usual run-of-the-mill overly short skirted schoolgirls that swarm everywhere. Or were they? I try my best to avoid looking at jailbait - but I couldn't help notice that one of the girls continually kept rubbing the other girl's knee. She eventually slapped her hand away to quit it. But then she started stroking her cheek. Now, I'm not making this out to be two underage girls making out on a train in some softcore fantasy for kicks - its just something I saw.

It also ties in with the incredibly perplexing statue outside Katsuta Station, the stop before Mito heading south. Nobody I talked to explained it to me. It's two naked chicks touching each others breast. Back when me and R went to investigate the Mexican restaurant down there, we made a whole story to go along with the statue series describing how lesbian breast touching gets you pregnant with torso-only babies who drop their pants and pee on the side of the road.

Its another country. Its different.


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