July 27, 2006

"Stop Israeli Terrorism"

You see by using quotation marks, it dissassociates me from the statement, while still making it seen... or some other bullshit.

Seriously. Israeli Terrorism does need to be stopped.
But Israel does have a right to do something while it's being attacked itself.
BUT this doesn't save them from being prosecuted for war-crimes after the fact (we HOPE!).

So far on top wonton targetting of civillian targets (apartments), trade targets (ports, highways) and industry targets (power plants, oil refineries), Israel has been confirmed responsible for 4 UN observer deaths - what's unconfirmed is how deliberate Israel's role was in the unfortunate incident. And now debate is surfacing as to whether the IDF might be using ILLEGAL chemical weapons. (quote from here). At least now we know where Saddam was hiding them (how sneaky, offloading it to a US Ally).

The current middle east crisis sucks. Most of all, it sucks because its not really too contemporary. Thanks to Levites and other Jewish historians, we can see that the Middle East has been in a perpetual state of full out war, revolutionary war, or just plain ol' tribal skirmish since Moses led his people back in from Egypt (and we can't even be too sure he took them back to the right place).

Anyway this particualr episode sucks because the villains aren't the Israeli Zionists in command, no - they aren't even Hizbollah (no?) - they certainly aren't the Lebanese (off course not) - and I'm gonna be nice and say it's not even Iran (no - nobody looking at viable alternative energies like Nuclear Power could be bad) - the villains here are fucken Syria.
And what sucks second to most is that everybody is acknowledging this. The Israeli government says Syria funds Hizbollah. The Lebanese government agrees that the major reason for Hizbollah still fighting the good fight is Syrian funding. The fascist Zionist arm of Israel is driving against Lebanon only because Syria is involved and is just using this as an attempt to get Syria to stop all it's bullshit. Why?
It's like the US bombing the shit out of Afghansitan to show those Saudi 9/11 terrorist scumbags whatfor. It doesn't make sense. Afghanistan's Taliban was a pawn. Lebanon's Hizbollah is a pawn. And as we learnt from Magneto in X3 - nobody gives a fuck what happens to pawns, so its not really going to help your cause to blow them to shits, it just makes a lot more people ready to be pawns. Go straight for the jugular. If your gonna bomb some country like crazy, let it be Syria, ok.

That's what we need an anti-terrorism cure that will genetically manipulate them into happy little democracy loving peaceniks.
Hey, I'm writing something with the vain hope of making sense of the Middle East and getting world peace, its as realistic as it gets, ok.

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