July 24, 2006

Two Many Hats

Lingering in my "to write about" was some comments by PZ Myers. Atheists and Scientists reach the same conclusions, because they use the same logic. HOWEVER, he also discusses whether or not someone can be thiest and scientist at the same time - and reaches the odd conclusion (for a self-proclaimed godless) that they can. And he's right.

There is a Catch .22 - the theist scientist still can't argue that his faith is scientifically sound. He just has to accept that it's not. I have no problem with this approach. There are many idealogies, memes and even real events that pervade our society today that just aren't backed by science - "how does Santa deliver to houses without chimneys?", "pork is the other white meat", and Michael Jackson - and they don't cause spontaneous cranial explosions. Why? Nobody asks too many questions, or really gives a shit. It isn't science. And more importantly it isn't trying to be.

That's where we get evolution vs. creationist clashes. Someone crosses the line. Whether it's an overzealous godless atheist trying to use evolution to prove there is no God and no meaning to the universe, or a moronic PTA board trying to encroach on scientific education in the classroom with their shallow beliefs.

I'd love a world where science was science and religion was religion, and people had the common sense to know what was what - but I'm a chronic dreamer. Be gald I don't have my super powers, yet.

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