July 21, 2006

Russia Didn't Just Give Us Vodka

Down in Niagara we caught a nice little show down there called Cirque Niagara. My sister mistakenly thought it was related to Cirque du Soleil - but it wasn't (and she wasn't the only person to make that mistake). They use animals *gasp* (hence it's unrelation - Soleil is strictly homo sapiens - sorta). Horses to be precise. Russian horses if I just want to keep going like a dick.

It seems girls of all ages are enthralled by horses. Or my sister may just have a complex. Anyway, the Cirque's marketing department has certainly realises this and sells a whole host of My Little Pony knock-offs in the entryway. The little girl sitting behind us kept wondering where princess Avaia, because if it had horses, it must have a princess too. Stands to reason, doesn't bit?

The horses weren't so depressing. They didn't look too whipped (though trainers did have whips), and the Russian cossack tricks the riders pulled were pretty good. The ring could've been a bit larger though for more safety/comfort I think though. The rest of the circus was pretty entertaining. There were some very good acrobatics - jumps, flips, rope acts and human towers - and also a sword-fighting/knife-throwing act. Then there were clowns.

At first I was disappointed with them being a little too philosophical/depressing rather than stupid-funny, but then they did turn out to be the right-sort-of funny and thought stimulating like first rate clowning should be. There was also the joy of watching them harass the poor dolts who'd paid extra to sit ringside. Good job.



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