July 13, 2006


So, in North America, like most countries (except those I live in) they decide to drive on the right side of the road (which doesn't mean it's the right side of the road). This is disconcerting. Corners are exciting. Corners on one-way streets even more so. Round-a-bouts just seem incredibly frustrating, especially due to the ridiculous Canadian rule that vehicles on the circle give way to cars entering (and don't get me started on all-ways). One way streets are also rather exciting. Just when you've gotten used to driving on the opposite side of the road, you suddenly realise the vehicle you're in has traversed back to your "normal" side, which you now know is wrong, oh, it's a one way street, okay.

I am a passenger. I let my international driver's license expire. My sister has been too nervous to drive yet on hers (and now her prior nervousness has made everyone else nervous about letting her try it). So we are predominately relying on my Dad - who has also let his international driver's license expire (he says its okay to use his QLD one, right?), and has also on several occasions drifted onto the left side of the road, because he's been driving in Australia for over 40 years. Oh, yes, I'm completely in trust in his driving ability.

I have to give him some credit. He did teach me how to drive, so I know he does actually know how to do it properly. But his tendency to occasionally not just point out the passenger window while we were on the 401, but lean over my sister, crane his head around 100-120°, wave his hand, and frantically say "Deer! Did you see that? Wasn't it a Deer? It was. A Deer, kids." --- Thanks, Dad. Both hands on the wheel Dad. Eyes in at least the 90 degree arc facing our direction of travel. Also you really shouldn't try and unfold and examine a map, and plan your days route, while driving on a highway. Or check mobile messages (at least this is illegal back home).

When you're driving, you drive. (NOTHING ELSE! - well maybe breathe) That should be your number one concern - not crashing. It's how I use any sort of vehicle. I rely solely on my desire not to injure or damage myself to create my ability to succeed. It's why drunk people shouldn't be involved in those activities. Alcohol impairs your ability to care that some actions might damage you. Two out three times I crashed my bicycle I was drunk.

Well, thanks Dad - you didn't manage to crash. Which could've been bad, cos I wasn't insured here. Let's hope I make it to the airport tomorrow unscathed.


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