August 06, 2006

From the US Department of "Totally Not Subterfuge, Word to Your Mother"

16 Planned US Operations to Oust Castro from Cuban Power. via The Smoking Gun

Castro, granted, has been a bit of a military nut - but at least not a totally sadistic torture-mad dictator Saddam was. Cuba has been prospering all right, depsite repeated US attempts to destroy it as an affront to capitalist supremecy. Cuba committed "a great theft" to create a communist empire, and in doing so pissed off (and persecuted) quite a bunch of people - which is "not a cool thing to do". But no country these days has an exactly spick and span human rights record.

The only thing I'd really hate to see is for a Chinese model of capitalism to be adopted, which is a predicted outcome of a Fidel-less Cuba. That would be an even more "not cool thing to do".

(What's with the inverted commas, please just don't ask)

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