August 05, 2006

Optus Criteria, My Ass

So despite working for almost $32.5Kp.a for the last year and a bit, Optus has denied me a contract phone because I fail to meet "Optus Criteria".

The bitchiest thing about this is that Optus won't actually tell anyone what that criteria is. Even the Optus phone handler had to say "They won't tell me, so I can't tell you".
He could hazard a guess. It is probably my lack of employment (one month - I'd have thought long term unemployment would be a worse sign) and lack of credit history. Apparently overseas doesn't count for them. Nor my practically always paid Telstra internet bill for last four years. His suggestion was to get a credit card, yeah that's a smart move.

So depsite offering better deals for both mobiles and internet, Optus is getting nothing from me - and thanks to Interest Rate hikes (which I'm sure played a role), I'm gonna have to stick with Telstra (who have at least the virtue of being better than Vodaphone outside of metropolitan areas) because as an existing customer they better know I'm good for it. And it means another weekend without mobile access.

I need txt.

And the Nokia 6280 looked so cool. Telstra better have some decent shit.

(and yes, i'm aware I could do away with credit checks using prepaid, but its a principle thing...)

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