February 12, 2007

Music on Monday

Hopefully, if you are an Aussie music fan you have heard the new Silverchair song, "Straight Lines". While it continues the trend of Silverchair's move from Hard Rock (like Freak etc.) to a more mellow mature Pop-rock sound, it's still absolutely awesome.

The new video features Daniel Johns' new look.

I missed what it was voted as on Robbie Buck's Hit or Shit. I hoping hit. It definitely keeps on growing.

Kaiser Chief's Ruby was also up on Hit or Shit a while ago. While it is cool, and catchy, and the video clip is a bit trippy, I don't think it really has the goods. It just sounds a bit hollow and not innovative at all.

I can't find either mp3 on my new IODA net promotional thingy, but I found this, some Chief Kamachi, so be happy:
Cult Status

Download "The Best" (mp3)
from "Cult Status"
by Chief Kamachi
Eastern Conference

More On This Album


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