February 16, 2007

Portable phone trees

Dirty microbe, source of geek chic Tee-shirts have started to crack down on J-list territory by important products from Tokyo to cash in on japanophile/geek crossover ambiguity.

Products like the "Tokyo Microgarden" - which have totally sold out. These nifty little plants are incased in a capsule which contains some sort of nutrient gel, which is supposed to keep them alive (forever?). Designed as keitai straps, something which isn't quite so popular in the West (yet...)

I bought my dad a couple of eco keitai straps, we couldn't find any loops on his mobile model, or any of of my cousins'. My UK/Australian model is severely lacking too. However, keitai straps quite easily loop onto zips on bags, satchels or even your snazzy laptopcase.

I wonder could mobile radiation affect these plants?


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