March 08, 2007

Barbeque in the Sun

This was just an awesome Summer day. Nice sun. Bugs (which is good and fun for kids). Beer and Chu-hai. And a Barbeque (Japanese-style Korean-style).

This was also a fun language experience for me. Even though I did find out the young hotties I was hitting on were 32 and 33, and I hadn't yet learned that lying about my age might be a clever idea. I had nice discussion about whether the girls' skin was yellow or white. Seriously to me, it looked snow/anemic white. Maybe she wanted to be yellow because that's what Asians are meant to be.

The park where we went was really cool. I think I may have posted about the original event when it happened. But I can't find it in my archives.
It was a fun day. Nice. Peaceful and out in nature. Real nature.


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