March 05, 2007

So this is research

I swear, today, I did more work than I am generally making out to people. But it still doesn't seem like a whole lot. I checked some basic immunology terms, made some notes on the cytokines I'm meant to be studying, and read a whole two pages (the editorial introduction) of the comparative immunology journal special on marsupials. (and updated the wiki article on the ).

I also found I can't log into the computer in the shared honours students' office because I don't have the correct level of access, I hadn't brought my laptop up because I knew the office had computers... hooray. But I have discovered a secret about my key... oh, very secret.

And they aren't letting me get free Morning Bulletins anymore until I sign some forms and get my new studnet ID... I probably can't get a diary or calender either, but that's okay, I don't want one.


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